Design Universe

Browser Features

Google Chrome extensions and bookmarklets

  • ​Tachyons X-ray — debug & align objects to an 8 or 16px grid
  • ​Type Sample — identify and sample webfonts — 3 samples for free, or unlimited samples for $5/year subscription. available as a bookmarklet or Chrome extension
  • ​WhatFont? — inspect a webfont’s name, family, weight, size, style, color, line height, and source (if hosted via Google Fonts or Typekit)
  • ​Animation timeline & editing — powerful tools to inspect and modify CSS animations
  • ​Device Mode — test responsiveness by using popular viewport sizes or creating your own presets
  • ​Full-page screenshot — it’s inside the Device Mode — no additional browser extension required!
  • ​Network performance — analyze resource requests and emulate mobile experiences